Although they are not the only useful books for high resolution CCD imaging, these books are reference works and cannot be ignored by any amateur interested in these fields.

 Star Testing Astronomical telescopes by Harold Richard Suiter (Willmann-Bell, 1994) is an essential book about the evaluation of a telescope and the way to take the best from it.

High Resolution Astrophotography by Jean Dragesco (Cambridge University Press, 1995), although it does not talk much about CCD, is a very important work in the quest for high resolution.

CCD Astronomy by Christian Buil (Willmann-Bell, 1991) contains a countless amount of theoretical and pratical information about CCD.

Telescope optics by Harrie Rutten and Martin van Venrooij (Willmann-Bell, 1988) contains many interesting informations about the design and the performances of all existing optical systems.

How to make a telescope by Jean Texereau (Willmann-Bell, 1984) gives many useful details about the construction and the use of a telescope, including collimation.