The following images combine grandiose landscapes with astronomical objects like the Moon or constellations. All the images have been taken with an Olympus E-10 digital camera and are single shots (no montage!).

Monument Valley (Arizona)
Arches National Park (Utah)
Bryce Canyon (Utah)
Sacramento Peak Solar Observatory (New Mexico)

Bryce Canyon is perhaps the most extraordinary landscape I have ever seen. Click here for another page with photos.


Full Moon rising at sunset over Monument Valley (for a large panorama of Monument Valley click here)
Close-up of the two Mitten Butte
Close-up of the East Mitten Butte
Sagittarius, the tail of Scorpio and a hint of the Milky Way during a moonlit light over Delicate Arch (Arches National Park)
Moonset a few minutes before sunrise over Delicate Arch (the guy under the arch is me!)
Cassiopeia during a moonlit night over Bryce Canyon
Gibbous Moon at sunrise over Bryce Canyon
The Moon over one of the hundreds (thousands?) pillars of Bryce Canyon
Sagittarius, Scorpio and the Milky Way over the Sacramento Peak Solar Observatory, taken during an IAP (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris) mission. From left to right: the Richard B. Dunn solar tower, the Hilltop dome and the lights of El Paso (Texas)