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Lunar transit of the ISS
Expedition 50 with French astronaut Thomas Pesquet
Iridium flares in real-time -
 The Moon in August 2016:
the largest and sharpest quarters ever!
Indonesian volcanoes time-lapses, night and day
- Philadelphia, May 9th 2016:
solar transits of Mercury with the ISS and a plane
Norway, November 2015:
Northern Lights (auroras) filmed in real-time
Norway, March 2016:
Northern Lights (auroras) filmed in real-time
Spain, May 16th 2010:
Atlantis and the ISS in front of the Sun
The Geminids 2005 in real time with Sony 7S Switzerland, May 22nd 2010:
Atlantis and the ISS in front of the Sun
- September 28th 2015:
transit of the ISS during the lunar eclipse
February 2011:
the shuttle mission STS-133 (Discovery) in 3D video

First-ever ground-base image of astronaut in spacewalk!
- Lunar images of September 2015
Florida, May 2009:
the shuttle Atlantis and the Hubble space telescope photographed for the first time in front of the Sun!
- Lunar images of August 2015
July 8th 2013:
The New Moon crescent

World record!
High resolution H-alpha solar images
with C11 HaT telescope
June 2013:
Double transit of the Chinese Space Station
Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou-10
- August 21st 2015:
transit of the ISS in front of a solar prominence
21 July 21st 2011:
STS-135 (Atlantis),
the last images of a space shuttle in orbit!
- Very large prominences of April, May and September 2015 Spy satellites (X-37B, Keyhole, Lacrosse)
- Mai 13th 2015:
Iridium flare over Jupiter
Florida, May 2009:
The launch of Atlantis

The last Hubble servicing mission!
- Spain, March 20th 2015:
transit of the ISS during the solar eclipse
Two shadows in front of the Moon: the solstice 2010 eclipse over Mont-Saint-Michel and a transit of the ISS
September 2014:
the ISS and the European cargo ATV-5
Gathering of Venus and the Moon
SpaceX Dragon over Paris 25 minutes after launch Juin 27th 2005:
Exceptional gathering of Venus and Mercury
    Passage of the comet SW3 near M13
    The solar flares of June 6, July 13 and 14 2005
    Solar activity on May 1 2005
    The transit of Venus of June 8 2004
    The transit of Mercury - images and animations
    The annular eclipse of October 3 2005
    The lunar eclipse of November 9 2003
    Comet Machholz and the Pleiades on January 7 2005
    Mars on 08/20/2003
    Saturn with a webcam on 01/05/2003
    The total solar eclipse of June 21 2001 from Angola
    The crash of the comet SL9 on Jupiter in July 1994
    NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 01/29/01:
a plane in front of the Sun!
    September 17th 2006:
Transit of ISS and Atlantis in front of the Sun
    The occultation of Saturn of April 16 2002